Events 2013-2014

August 2013

In Search of ‘Man-Making Words’: Masculinity, Citizenship and The Nation 1850-1945 Friday 02 August, Hershel Building, Newcastle University For further information, contact Marie Stern-Peltz or visit the In Search of ‘Man-Making Words’ website.

September 2013

Dialogue Day at Northumberland Archives, September 3rd, 9am-4pm, Woodhorn. Transport and lunch will be provided. For more details and to register please contact

‘Race’, Beauty and Feminist Theory in Latin America and the Caribbeanrazabelleza10 Wednesday 11 September 2013, Newcastle University

The International Symposium ‘Race’, Beauty and Feminist Theory in Latin America and the Caribbean will provide a platform for the launch of a Special Issue of Feminist Theory and explore gaps, trends and future research agendas. It will bring together some of the authors of this publication with other exciting researchers to foster a dialogue about feminist theorizing on beauty and racialization processes. The speakers build on recent feminist scholarship that has focussed on how beauty is both imagined and deployed in particular contexts. They will highlight empirical work emerging from Latin America and the Caribbean which questions political discourses that emphasise successful equality policies, re-evaluating how gendered and racialised dynamics of social exclusion are being refashioned and redeployed.

For further information and registration, see here.

Dialogue Day at the Tyne and Wear Archives, Monday September 23rd, 10am – 3pm, The Discovery Museum, Newcastle. For more details, please contact

October 2013

GRG Evening Lecture Series at the City Library: ‘Mary Wollstonecraft’, Dr Laura marywKirkley, Wednesday 16th October, 5-6pm. Dr Kirkley is a Lecturer in the Long Eighteenth Century in the School of English at Newcastle University. Her research focuses on French and English women’s writing from the eighteenth century to the present day and is currently completing a book entitled The Revolutionary Cosmopolitanism of Mary Wollstonecraft.

November 2013

Dialogue Day at Lit and Phil: a free event for researchers, Thursday 7th November, 9.30am-1.30pm, The Liteary and Philisophical Society, Newcastle. For registration and enquiries, please contact

DCity Library Posterialogue Day at City Library: a free open house event for researchers, Monday 11th November, 9am-1pm, Berwick Hall, City Library. For registration and enquiries, please contact

Bianco che più bianco non si puó. Gender, whiteness and color-assignments in contemporary (postcolonial) Italy (2010-2012), Dr Gaia Giuliani, Tuesday 12th November, 4-6pm, Daysh 2.29. Gaia Giuliani is research assistant in Political Theory and Colonial and Postcolonial Studies at the University of Bologna. Hosted by the Gender Research Group and Identity Research Cluster.
GRG Evening Lecture Series at the City Library: ‘Music about AIDS’, Dr Paul G. Attinello, Wednesday 13th November, 5-6pm. Dr Attinello is a Senior Lecturer at the International Centre for Music Studies in the School of Arts and Cultures at Newcastle University. He has published on Meredith Monk and performance art, contemporary composer Gerhard Stäbler, and music used in the television programme Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is currently working on a book on music about AIDS.

Visiting Lecture: ‘Race, Ethnicity, Colour, Class, and Gender in Botswana’, Maude Dikobe (University of Botswana), Wednesday 20th November, 5-6pm, Percy building, room G05.

Encounters with vulnerability: The victim, the fragile, the monster, the queer, thevulnerablebodies%20003 abject, the nomadic, the feminine, the shameful, and the rest An interdisciplinary conference for postgraduate and early-career academics in the area of law, gender and sexuality PECANS (Postgraduate and Early Career Academics Network of Scholars) & Gender Research Group Thursday 22 November, Newcastle University. For further information and the application for attendance bursaries see the call for papers, or contact Nayeli Urquiza,

December 2013

Gender, Theory, and the Archive: a Symposium at Newcastle University, Friday 6th December, 12-6pm, Percy Building, Newcastle University. For more details and to register, please contact

Gender Research Group Film Series: ‘Heading South’ introduced by Kathryn Davies. Wednesday 11th December, 7pm, Quilliam Brothers’ Teahouse. For more details, please contact or see GRG Film Poster

January 2014

Gender Research Group Film Series: ‘Made in Dagenham’ introduced by Vesela Harizanova. Wednesday 8th January, 7pm, Quilliam Brothers’ Teahouse. For more information please contact and see GRG Film Poster

Febuary 2014freeangela

Gender Research Group Film Series: ‘Free Angela and All Political Prisoners’ introduced by Monica Moreno Figueroa. Wednesday 5th Febuary, 7pm, Quilliam Brothers’ Teahouse. For more information please contact and see GRG Film Poster

March 2014CutSleeveBoys_1

Gender Research Group Film Series: ‘Cut Sleeve Boys’ introduced by James Cummings. Wednesday 5th March, 7pm, Quilliam Brothers’ Teahouse. For more information please contact and see GRG Film Poster

April 2014

Evening Lecture Series: “Young Women’s Engagement with Feminisms”, Ruth Lewis (Northumbria University), Wednesday, 16th April, 5.30-6.30pm, City Library. At a time of a tremendous resurgence in feminist sentiment, this talk will draw on research with women students in the UK and US to explore young women’s feminisms (sometimes, problematically, referred to as ‘third wave feminism’). It will challenge the claim that young feminists espouse a politics of individualism, consumption, and sexual expression and display, in contrast to the feminism of the 1960s and 70s (so-call ‘second wave feminism’) that was rooted in a structural analysis of power, oppression and the path to liberation. It will argue that feminist history is more usefully considered as a ‘tapestry’ rather than a series of waves and that young feminists are diverse in their positions, identities and politics; their activities should be taken seriously as meaningful examples of contemporary feminist activism.

May 2014 Pretty in Pink

Gender Research Group Film Series: ‘Pretty in Pink’ introduced by Emma Short. Wednesday 7th May, 7pm, Quilliam Brothers’ Teahouse. For more information please contact and see GRG Film Poster


May 2014

Evening Lecture Series: “Journey from the North: The Story and Stories of Storm Jameson”, Katherine Cooper (Newcastle University), Wednesday 14th May, 5.30-6.30pm, City Library. This talk will look at the Whitby-stormborn novelist Storm Jameson (1891-1986) discussing the impact of her strong sense of Northern identity and the influence this had over her novels and her political activism. Concentrating particularly on World War Two it will discuss, among other things, how her sense of regional identity influenced her abandonment of pacifism and her reception as a novelist in London.

Talk: “Social ‘Programs’  in Buenos Aires, Argentina: A Perspective from the Policies of the Bodies and the Emotions”, Adrian Escribano (Durham University), Thursday 15th May, 4-6pm, Newcastle University CLT 1.14. In collaboration with the Americas Research Group.

Gender, Religion, and the Atlantic World: A Conference. Newcastle University, Thursday 15th May. For more information, please visit or contact Janelle Rodriques (

Transnational Affects: An AHRC International Symposium co-hosted by the Centre for the History of Emotions, Queen Mary, University of London and the Gender Research Group, Newcastle University. Queen Mary, University of London, Wednesday 21st May, 9:30am-7pm. For further information vist, contact Carolyn Pedwell ( ), or see 130521TransnationalDEF

June 2014

The Country House in Britain, 1914-2014 A multidsiciplinary, international country housesconfernence examining the role of the country house in British film, literature and culture. Newcastle University, 6th-8th June, 2014. For more information and our call for papers visit or email

Evening Lecture Series: “Scripting Sex in China’s Hawaii: Social Change and the Emergence of Gay, Tongzhi and Yaojien Identities in Hainan, China”, James Cummings (Newcastle University), Wednesday 11th June, 5.30-6.30pm, City Library. This presentation will offer an introduction to research into the emergence of non-normative sexual identities, communities and practices in Hainan, an island province of the south coast of the People’s Republic of China, in relation to recent ‘development’ initiatives and rapid social changes in the region.