Gender and Foodbanks Workshop with Catherine McKinnell

Cat McKinnellOn Friday 12th February the GRG welcomed Newcastle North MP Catherine McKinnell to launch their Gender and Austerity workshops series with a talk on ‘Gender and Foodbanks’.

McKinnell discussed her own experiences of the effects of the government’s austerity policies in Newcastle as well as her experiences fighting for her constituents in Westminister.

She spoke of the incredible impact that austerity was having on women in the region, affecting benefits, services like SureStart and even employment.

Attendees collected items for Newcastle’s West End Foodbank, the busiest in the UK, providing 400 much-needed parcels every week.


Other seminars in this series include:

  • Gender and Austerity II: Foodbanks, Austerity and the Museum Space (19 April; 5PM)
  • Gender and Austerity III: Austerity and Academia (Date TBC)